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Ringling Bros Circus Leafleting Schedule - Northern CA, August - September 2013

Signs & leaflets are provided at each leafleting listed below.

Leafleting Schedule for Ringling Bros. Circus

Location: 248 West Fremont Street, Stockton
Please meet in front of the ticket booths.
Fri…Sept. 20…5:30p
Sat… Sept. 21…1:15p* and 6p
Sun…Sept 22…2:45p*

* Denotes a leafleting in between two shows. It is very important to arrive on time for these leafletings as we first leaflet people exiting the early show, who come out quickly and en masse. If we are not set-up by the time the early show is done, we will miss our opportunity to educate these people. After the early show crowd disperses, we will turn and leaflet the people attending the later show.

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