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Humanity Through Education's

Ringling Bros Circus Leafleting Schedule - Northern CA, August - September 2015

Signs & leaflets are provided at each leafleting listed below.

Please Join Humanity Through Education to educate Bay Area circus patrons why Ringling Bros. Circus needs to stop using all animals in its circus and the circus must send its elephants to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee  and the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in California.

Location: 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland (off of 880 Freeway @ 66th Ave exit)
Please meet in front of the ticket booths.

Thu ... Aug 13 ... 5:30p  

Fri ..... Aug 14 ... 5:30p  

Sat .... Aug 15 ... 12:45p* and 5:30p

Sun ... Aug 16 ... 2:45p*  

Mon .. Aug 17 ... 5:30p

: 525 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Please meet on the corner of Santa Clara & Autumn Street.

Thu .... Aug 20 ... 5:30p  

Fri ...... Aug 21 ... 5:30p  

Sat ..... Aug 22 ... 12:45p* and 5:30p 

Sun .... Aug 23 ... 2:45p* 

Thu ... Aug 27 ... 5:30p

Fri .... Aug 28 ... 5:30p

Sat ... Aug 29 ... 12:45p* and 5:30p 

Sun ... Aug 30 ... 2:45p*

: 2600 Geneva Ave  Daly City, CA 94014
Please meet at front doors.

Thu .... Sept 3 ... 5:30p 

Fri ...... Sept 4 ... 5:30p  

Sat ..... Sept 5 ... 12:45p* and 5:30p  

Sun .... Sept 6 .... 2:45p*  

Mon ... Sept 7 ..... 1:45p*  

* Please be on time as we hand out informational flyers to those coming out of the earlier show and to those going into the second show.

Additional Information
Since last years Ringling Bros. Circus demos the City of Oakland passed a bullhook ban in December 2014 and just  a couple of months after, in March 2015, Ringling announced it would stop forcing elephants to perform in its circus in 2018. While this is obviously good news and a big step forward we still must educate circus patrons: (1) that the elephants must go to a credible sanctuary and not to Ringling's torture facility in Florida; and (2) why all animals should not be used by the circus.

 Ringling needs to stop using all animals in its circus. 
All animals who are forced to perform in circuses suffer. All are severely confined and exhibit abnormal behaviors as a result, including pacing, bobbing, swaying and other abnormal repetitive behaviors.  San Francisco recently became the largest US city to ban the use of performing exotic animals and many countries and large cities around the world have taken a similar position, including:  Mexico, Bolivia, Singapore, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Bogaota, Bosnia. Slovenia, Cyprus, India, Peru, Austria, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Herzegovenia. This is where the world is headed and until Ringling follows suit its patrons need to be educated about the miserable lives of all animals used by Ringling.

Ringling’s Elephants Must Go to a Credible Sanctuary
Despite its announcement that it will no longer force elephants to perform in its circus after 2018 Ringling has also decided the elephants will be  "retired" to its breeding and training facility in Florida, euphemistically called Ringling’s Center For Elephant Conservation. This facility has been nothing but a torture chamber forelephants. It is where Ringling has forcibly removed baby elephants from their mothers, chained them up for months on end and beat and electro-shocked them to force them to perform circus tricks. Moreover, bullhooks will still be used to manage the elephants at the Florida facility and the same people who have been abusing these elephants will still be managing them. Ringling needs to send the elephants to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where mothers can be reunited with their daughters, have thousands of acres to roam and freely socialize with other elephants of their choosing. And most importantly, they will not be managed with bullhooks or electroshock devices.

We are so close -- public opinion does matter!  Let's make this dream for the elephants and all the animals come true.  PLEASE JOIN US! 


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